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Sweetdram Blend #1 Blended Scotch Whisky


Blending is considered an artform in Japan, and we’ve painted a minor masterpiece: a unique and complex yet sessionable dram designed for whisky novices, connoisseurs, and everyone else in between.

Although this bottle marks a slight deviation from our other botanical spirits, the skills required to develop it are rooted in the same basic principles. It’s ultimately about building flavour and aroma, and creating a new, exciting experience for the drinker – but whisky requires a deft, more subtle hand. You’re somewhat limited in the tools you can use. You can’t reach for a peel, pepper or plant to fill a gap or add a little hint of something missing. You can only work with the casks you have at hand. Fortunately, we’ve managed to source a few beauties.

First, the foundation: North British single grain whisky aged in virgin oak, the reliable, woody backbone on which to build. Then sherried Invergordon for a bit of punch and depth and peated Ardmore for body, length, and a wispy touch of sweet billowy smoke. Vatted as one and finished in barrels seasoned with Tawny port from Douro, Portugal, to pull the individual components together.

The result is a modern dram that sits somewhere between Scotch and a round, complex bourbon. A nice, clean, easy drinker with nuance, charm, and gusto. Simply sip and savour – with a dash of water to release the oils and esters – or enjoy as a long drink with dry ginger ale.

Natural, gold

Cream soda, marzipan, cacao husk

Coffee cake, bonfire toffee, burnt fig

Sandalwood, menthol

Blended Scotch whisky is a combination of various single malt and grain whiskies – of the same age or different – which are brought together to create an entirely unique, holistic whisky distinctive in its own right, and often bigger than the sum of its parts.

As a whisky gets reduced with water down to typical bottling strength (<46% ABV) it starts to cloud due to longer chain compounds, such as fatty acid esters, becoming insoluble as the spirit dilutes. Haze isn’t a good look for the shop shelf, so the bigger guys tend to ‘chill filter’ their whiskies as a result. This is done by first cooling the spirit to freezing point then pumping it through a fine filter, which clarifies the final product but also strips flavour and mouthfeel. To give you, the drinker, the fullest possible experience, we choose NOT to chill filter any of our whiskies.

Volume: 700ml (or 750ml in the US)
Strength: 43% ABV
Bottle: Custom-moulded amber glass with tapered sides
Closure: Custom debossed synthetic stopper
Capsule: Black PVC

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