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  • Escubac
  • Not a gin, mix with tonic
  • Smoked Spiced Rum
  • All flavour, no pirates
  • Whisky Amaro
  • A modern, Scottish dram


Tonic has a new best friend.

Bon Appetit Magazine

Everybody else is making gin, so we did something different.

A spicy, citrusy, juniper-free botanical spirit that mixes phenomenally with tonic. Distilled slowly on copper then infused with raisins, vanilla & saffron for rich, light sweetness & colour.

Caraway, cardamom, nutmeg, bitter orange, orange, lemon, cloves, orris, coriander, cubeb, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla & saffron


Smoked Spiced Rum

This is as much a work of art as a drink.

Rum by Dominic Roskrow

Our Caribbean rum blend, spiced with grains of paradise & infused with botanicals & other nice things, like lapsang & warm-smoked figs.

No artificial flavours or sugar. No pirates, no sea beasts.

Chamomile, lime leaf, fennel, cardamom, grains of paradise, lapsang souchong tea & organic figs oak-smoked by us at the distillery


Whisky Amaro

That’s not a whisky.

Emmanuel Dram

Scotch single malt & grain casks, blended precisely by us then infused with all sorts of botanicals & lightly sweetened with local honey. Bittered, balanced & the first of its kind.

Allspice, hibiscus, coriander, lovage, kola, quassia, rhubarb, lemon & lingonberry

Ardmore 7-year-old bourbon 1st fill
North British 3-year-old virgin oak
Invergordon 12-year-old sherry refill