Makers of modern spirits

A stool with an Escubac bottle on top alongside a lemon and Escubac and tonic drink

Escubac As featured in GQ Magazine’s Best Stuff of the Year 2016.


What we do

Distill Adjust Repeat

We partnered with progressive architects SODA to fill an old printworks in east London with glass, copper and airtight containers packed with plants.

Having this space means we can distill and create on a daily basis. More than just a nice place to work, it immerses us in what we do.

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Our Spirits

A hand pouring Sweetdram's smoked spiced rum into a rocks glass filled with ice garnished with pineapple leaf

Drink Nice Things

We make spirits for conscious drinkers who value quality, scale, flavour and story above cost or convenience, artificial “craft” and the flat, anonymous narrative of bigger brands.

Escubac is a drier, complex liqueur unlike any other bottle on the shelf. Mix it with tonic for a creative modern alternative to your standard G&T.

Our Spirits


An Escubac cocktail served in a rocks glass with ice garnished with ginger and samphire
Escubac cocktail served in a high ball glass with a lemon twist garnish

Not a Modifier

Liqueurs tend to be used sparingly in cocktails, as a secondary ingredient known as a modifier. However, we designed Escubac to be dry and balanced, which means it can be handled like a gin and poured as a base spirit.