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  • Escubac
  • Not a gin, mix with tonic
  • Smoked Spiced Rum
  • All flavour, no pirates
  • Whisky Amaro
  • A modern, Scottish dram


Progressive, flavour-driven spirits made in Edinburgh

Progressive, flavour-driven spirits made in Edinburgh

Whisky Amaro

Cherry jam slapped on fresh sourdough & served on a slab of frankincense.

Scotch whisky blended, bittered & balanced to perfection. Nothing artificial, just juicy botanicals & local honey.

Can be sipped over ice or topped with soda according to mood, time of day and general preference.

Smoked Spiced Rum

Roasted pineapple and spiced fruit crumble baked in new wellies.

A bold spiced rum for grown-ups. Made with lush green botanicals, grains of paradise, lapsang and warm-smoked figs.

Mix with ginger beer and a liberal lash of lime.


Tangerine & caraway sorbet spread roughly on cardamom shortbread.

A modern, juniper-free botanical spirit distilled then infused with raisins, vanilla and saffron. Guaranteed to alleviate gin fatigue.

Mix with tonic or sip and savour on its own like a purist.