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Sweetdram Distillery compost bay with spent botanicals for Absinthe


The Sweetdram logo appears on every bottle as a mark of quality and assurance. It plays with the idea of separation during distillation, using four primary geometric shapes to construct the now-obsolete symbol for a ‘dram’. These shapes are reconfigured to give each product label its own unique visual identity while retaining a core aesthetic thread throughout the range. The bottles are instantly recognisable as a series on any shelf or back bar, with the vibrant colour palettes chosen to synesthetically reflect the flavour profile of the liquid.

The dram logo can also be found prominently displayed on all Scotch whisky releases as a seal of approval for the liquid inside. To add further distinction, each product comes packaged in the Sweetdram custom amber bottle. The simple design, based on the proportions of the Dram logo, focuses on form and function instead of try-hard embossing and unnecessarily thick bases.