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Sweetdram Wild Absinthe bottle on wall shelf next to rocks glass with Absinthe and ice. Blue bottles line bottom of image.

Sweetdram Wild Absinthe v1



A modern riff on the infamous green spirit, made using botanicals from our closed-loop distillery garden.

Refined and nuanced – but with gusto – like a punchy eau de vie. The ideal trophy bottle to make yer mates jelly.

Serve: Stir down over ice so it louches (i.e. clouds), turning oily and sweet.

Botanicals: Sea wormwood, wild fennel, bay, cotton lavender, horseradish leaf, marigold, eucalyptus, lemon verbena, young pine ovulate, purple sage, anise hyssop, sweet cicely

Distilled in Scotland. Limited to 72 bottles.

46% ALC/VOL