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With the holiday season around the corner, everyone's furiously googling recipes so they can impress on the big day. Well, we've got you sorted on the cocktail front with these simple, delicious drinks using our Smoked Spiced Rum. 

Rum & Ginger 

"Dark ‘N’ Stormy" is really just a fancy name for rum mixed with ginger beer. But since the phrase is copyrighted by Gosling’s Rum (and we hear they get litigious against us little guys!) we’re happy calling it what it is. 

No matter the occasion, you can't go wrong with a long, ice-cold Rum & Ginger. However, the beauty of a Rum & Ginger with Smoked Spiced Rum is that you get all the simplicity of a two-ingredients drink but with the added depth and complexity of 7 botanicals and oak-smoked organic figs.

We use Bon Accord Soft Drink Ginger Beer because it marries nicely with the lush pineapple notes from our rum, but you can use any ginger beer you have in the cupboard, even the cheaper supermarket own-brands.

50ml Smoked Spiced Rum
Ginger beer

Pour Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum into a highball glass and squeeze in some fresh lime (roughly a quarter of a lime). Add ice and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a slice of lime.


Smoked Spiced Rum Negroni

30ml Smoked Spiced Rum
20ml sweet vermouth
25ml Campari

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass,
add ice and stir down until well chilled.
Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist. 


Smoked Spiced Rum Daiquiri

50ml Smoked Spiced Rum
20ml lime juice
15ml simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker,
add ice and shake well.
Double strain into a rocks glass.
Garnish with a lime twist. 



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