Progressive, flavour-driven spirits made in Edinburgh

Dan and Andrew met at university in 2011 while studying for their Master’s degrees in brewing and distilling.

After the course, the pair kept in touch to flesh out an idea they had for a modern drinks brand focused entirely on original flavour instead of conventional categories and repetitive trends.

In 2014, they started Sweetdram.

Ever since, the two have been driven by an inherent demand for resolute quality and uncompromised progress.

The spirits on this website showcase their work to date. Cheers.

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  • Escubac
  • Not a gin, mix with tonic
  • Smoked Spiced Rum
  • All flavour, no pirates
  • Whisky Amaro
  • A modern, Scottish dram
  • Sweetdram Sampler
  • All 3 drams in a nice box
  • “Crocodile”
  • Sweetdram Poster
  • “Party”
  • Sweetdram Poster
  • Tote Bag