Designed in Dalston

All our products are designed at the Sweetdram workshop in east London using the same method: compile a library of individual botanical distillates on custom glassware, blend these together to determine a provisional formula, upscale that to our 110-litre copper test still as an aggregated single recipe then adjust and repeat until balanced.

Although it might sound simple, the process usually takes around 12-18 months to complete, from initial concept to first production.

Escubac distiller pours hibiscus maceration into the evaporation flask

Then made by us elsewhere

As a team of compulsive technical distillers, we work very closely with our partners to make our spirits. Rather than contract out production, we choose to manage and personally execute as much of the process as possible.

For example, we travel to France for each batch of Escubac to operate the antique stills at Distillerie Combier ourselves. Taking this sort of responsibility means we can vouch for the liquid in the bottle.

Escubac distiller retrieves distillate in Sweetdram's bespoke amber glass bottle from shelf
Escubac distiller retrieving a hibiscus maceration in an amber jar from the shelf
Escubac distiller checking the alcohol content during distillation using a density meter
Escubac distiller adjusting the condenser on a 2 litre bespoke glass distillation system
Chamomile flowers in a glass jar
A selection of Escubac botanicals, herbs and spices on a table alongside distilling manuals
Escubac distiller opening the parrot on the copper pot still
Escubac distillers blending distilled spirits using micropipettes

The Sweetdram Team

Andrew MacLeod Smith

Escubac distiller standing next to a copper pot still

Daniel Fisher

Escubac distiller posing against backdrop of botanicals in glass jars

Vangeli Moschopoulos

Escubac distiller posing at a workshop table